A short history of Storyline in Greece

A young Greek teacher, Ifigenia Iliopoulou from Anilio, has used Storyline to gain a Master's degree from Strathclyde University. Her main purpose is to adapt the ideas in the methodology for teaching environmental studies to children in the early stages of education in Greece. She was instrumental in my receiving an invitation to the University of Patras in May 2000 to present a Storyline Seminar organised by Professor Spiras Kriwas and to observe a course given by Ifigenia.

In 1999 Ifigenia gave the following courses:

  • A Seminar for Nursery Teachers of the prefecture of Kavala (city of Greece) concerning the implementation of Storyline in Environmental Education

  • A lecture in the Thessaly University addressed to nursery and primary teachers on Storyline as a method for teaching environmental concepts and issues

  • A Lecture in the First Hellenic Conference on Environmental Education

  • A Seminar for nursery teachers in the Centre of Environmental Education in Konitsa (prefecture of Ioannina)

In 2000:

  • A lecture in the International Conference for Environmental Education on the evaluation of Storyline method by teachers who experienced this method during their in-service training on Environmental Education

  • A Seminar for teachers of all levels of education in the University of Patras

  • She is going on to implement Storyline in her classroom this year. A new topic has been designed and will be described later

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Ifigenia Iliopoulou

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Early Education Conference, 17th & 18th march 2006
At the kind invitation of Associate Professor Domna Kakana, Director of Postgraduate Studies in Early Education, Gudmundur Kristmundsson from the Teachers' University of Iceland and Steve Bell of Storyline Scotland were invited to make Storyline presentations at this conference. A Storyline link has been established through the special interest of Ifigenia Iliopoulou, a doctor student, who took her master's degree in Strathclyde University, Glasgow, some years ago. She has recently published the first Storyline book in Greece. The new Greek curriculum aims at linking different cognitive subjects through interdisciplinary processes and so Storyline presented a strategy of interest to the many teachers and students who attended. Erasmus contracts have also been established between the University of Thessaly and the Teachers' University of Iceland.

Domna Kakana Gudmundur Kristmundsson Ifigenia Iliopoulou

First Storyline Book in Greece Greece Page
Larger imageIfigenia Iliopoulou, who took her master's degree some years ago at Strathclyde University in Glasgow using Storyline as a special study is the author of this new Storyline book. It is aimed at Kindergarten teachers and those teaching early stages in primary school. Ifigenia now works at the University of Volos and is a studying for her doctorate while still engaged in teaching and in giving inservice courses to teachers. She is to be congratulated on this fine achievement.
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For the past four years Ifigenia Iliopoulou has been introducing Storyline to students and teachers in Greece. Her contact with this approach developed from a special study for her master's degree taken at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. She is particularly interested in working with pupils at the early stages and especially in the area of environmental studies. She tells an interesting story of her experiences which you can read by clicking below.