A short history of Storyline in Netherlands

Dr Jos Letschert - Larger imageIn the late 70s Jos Letschert, working with the Institute for Curriculum Development in the Netherlands, made contact with the approach through the National Conference on Expressive Arts held at Jordanhill. By a strange coincidence, some years later he came to a course in the north of Iceland as a Council of Europe delegate only to discover that he was meeting with Storyline again. He was one of the founders of an international group of Storyline practitioners (the European association for Educational Design) which was formed and which held its first meeting at his Institute in Enschede in 1988.

In recent years several presentations have been made at PABOs (Colleges of Education) in Meppel, Utrecht and Eindhoven. Many students and teachers have also visited and studied at Jordanhill and Brenda Bruinenberg has recently completed her Master's degree at the University of Groningen with her study in Storyline. Following from this she was asked to design a Storyline module for the second year students at the PABO of the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NHL).

Two important books have been produced in Dutch, one by Jos Letschert- Op Verhaal Komen - and the other by Erik Vos and Peter Dekkers - Verhalend Ontwerpen.

Click for more informationDr Piet Conijn was another visitor to Jordanhill who has since proved very helpful in promoting Storyline. In 1995 (up-dated in 1998) he published a book written by Steve Bell using the Local Radio Station as a model for topic designing. This was the only Storyline book of a series that gave a broad view of education called 'Education as an Art'. Piet is now a director of an educational project that encourages valuable links between schools and commercial businesses known as 'The Educational City'.

A visit to Jordanhill Campus by José Simons from the Hogeschool of Utrecht and Ellen Reehorst from Groningen University demonstrated how effectively they have adapted Storyline in relation to their work in teaching environmental studies with older students of secondary age and as a focus for a European project in Poland.

I have also been involved in giving an annual Storyline input into the Headteachers Management Course in Groningen organised by the NES OCOM.

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Jos Letschert,  Dr Beate Letschert-Grabbe &  Jan Greven - click for more informationThe Institute for Curriculum Development in the Netherlands (SLO) in co-operation with the Edith Stein College of Education hosted a five module course for educators on The Storyline Approach on the 12th and 13th September 2005. Jos Letschert, Professor in Curriculum Studies at Twente University introduced the course and chaired two three-hour workshops assisted by Dr Beate Letschert-Grabbe, pedagogue and educational psychologist and Steve Bell, chairman of European association for Educational Design (EED). The other two modules were presented by Jan Greven from the SLO, a Social-geographer, who spoke on 'Storyline in Close-up' and Marcel Oude Booyink, a teacher trainer who described his experience of Storyline and Technical Education. Amongst the interested participants was a group of visiting educators from Africa and Indonesia.

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Larger imageA delightful outcome from the Second International Storyline Conference held in Elsinore, Denmark last November is the wedding of Jos Letschert and Beate Grabbe held near Enschede, Holland on Saturday 9th October 2004. During the conference they managed to design their own love story. Jos and Beate now have the opportunity to combine their personal and professional enthusiasm and expertise as a very loving married couple. CONGRATULATIONS!

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Dutch Headteachers visit to Strathclyde University
Jim AllanLarger imageA group of 14 headteachers who are following a two year course leading to a Diploma in Management Studies visited the Faculty of Education at Strathclyde University this week (starting Monday 16 February). Their course leader Henny Lamme explained that they were very interested in studying the Scottish system of primary education, recent developments in schools and the latest forms of headteacher training here. The study course was designed by Jim Allan, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, with input from members of staff. Visits were made to schools in South Lanarkshire.

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Dr Jos Letschert - Larger imageMany of you will know Dr Jos Letschert as the Director of Primary Education at the SLO (Institute for Curriculum Development in the Netherlands) as well as being a founder member of the EED (European association for Educational Design). Recently the SLO decided to create a new chair at the University of Twente and Jos has been invited to be the first Professor in the field of Curriculum Studies in Basic Education. This is a part-time post and will not affect his present position with the Institute. One of his intentions is to start research activities in Storyline. We congratulate him and wish him all the very best in his new post.
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More informationTwo founder members of our Golden Circle Seminar group are involved in a new publication entitled Turning the Perspective published by CIDREE, the Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe. Ian Barr, previously director of the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum, has written a paper and Dr Jos Letschert, director of primary education in the Institute for Curriculum Development in the Netherlands is the editor. Contributions are also included from professors whose previous work is familiar to us like Luc Stevens (Netherlands), Kieran Egan (Canada) and Uwe Hameyer (Germany).
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Click for larger imageJan Greven & Jos Letschert of the SLO (Institute for Curriculum Development in The Netherlands) have designed a new historical Storyline on the Dutch East India Company (VOC in Dutch). This publication was presented by Jan at the recent Golden Circle Seminar. There was a lively discussion on this very interesting topic and especially about the more sensitive areas of colonial exploitation.

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